How hard can it be?!

How hard can it be?!

Starting a new blog/website, you should be able to do it with your eyes closed, right?

Yet it’s taken me an entire day to port my old website over onto a WordPress engine, buy it a new theme, install said theme, customize theme, design headers and banners, import selected content from two of my WordPress blogs that henceforth shall continue living our their purposes here…

Why I thought I’d manage to do it in a couple of hours entirely escapes me.

It wasn’t helped by the fact that my hosting provider is slower than WordPress’ servers, and their file management interface is a bit dodgy. I had to rip out my existing WordPress install and put a fresh one in. And I still had to open a support ticket when the theme I wanted to upload exceeded the filesize limitation that they’d set. (To their credit: It took them less than two hours to respond to the support ticket and up the limit for me. Thank you, FatCow!)

On the other hand, I have to give major credit to WordPress for making it so easy to take content from one WP blog and import it into a new one. Everything came along with the XML file, attachments, comments, pingbacks– everything! Super neat, WordPress. I like.

(No kudos, though, for letting me think I’d accidentally managed to delete the open call page for The Ayam Curtain, sending me into an hour of panic and self-recrimination.)

In effect, I’ve transferred some content from The Magical Harkow (the recent Blog Every Day April posts), as well as most of the op-ed pieces from my defunct mainstream + digital media blog, Mainstream Mediacrity. Those two blogs will now remain ghost blogs, digital archaeology– I will consolidate my blogging efforts here. My fiction blog, Mischief. Misrule. Misshallelujah., gets to stay where it is, though. I will keep my real-life thoughts away from my imaginarium.

To give this post some sort of redeemable content: Here, have this amazing, gorgeous video of Singapore shot by a Russian photographer. Yes, we really do move like that in this country. The flow of time here is different, like it is between the Heavenly Court of the Jade Emperor and the mortal world.

Singapore’2012 from zweizwei |motion timelapse| on Vimeo.

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