Different Weights

Different Weights


I always think it disingenuous for people to look across vast stretches of history and make sweeping statements about the human condition by saying “well things lasted like this for so many hundred years, while this phenomenon we have now did not exist until the last few decades” (in a effort to undermine the current state of things by implying it might only be a temporary fad).

I honestly do not think that the way things worked in the past should have any bearing on the way things work in the present simply because each generation of humanity (in their overlapping, non-finite boundaries) thinks and looks at the world differently, shaped by the ever-changing pattern of the world they grew up in. Culturally we are further removed from our ancestors, say, 200 years ago, than we are from any of our contemporaries. Sure, we may have history to guide us, but we see history through a lens of contemporaneity as well.

I’ve started reading Empires In World History: Power and the politics of difference by Jane Burbank and Frederick Cooper. I am on the first chapter; ought to be an interesting read (part of background research for this year’s NaNo project, in which I will attempt to actually churn out a Real Proper Novel). Probably more thoughts on it as I go along.

I have another blogpost to get through today, this one for the spec fic blog, in conjunction with the Ayam Curtain open call. I have no idea how to begin.

My BEDA efforts were killed by my attempt to finish up a submission for a local anthology, which I’ve now been asked to modify fairly extensively. It’s a good thing, but I feel time creeping up on me The amount of things I have to write over the next couple of weeks — both work- and fiction-wise  — daunts me. It’s like a weight on my chest that won’t go away.

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