My baby’s taking wing

My baby’s taking wing

If you know me, then you’ll know that I’ve been putting together an anthology of speculative fiction for several months now. It was a long process: Searching for entries, picking them out and putting them together.

Well, the long nest period has come to an end, and our little book is ready to fly, free into the wide, wide world. To celebrate, we’re having a little party!

Publisher Math Paper Press will be launching Ayam Curtain and two other titles, Fish Eats Lion and Balik Kampung, as part of the Singapore Writer’s Festival. Come down to meet contributors, authors and editors from 4-5pm, Sunday 4 Nov, at the Pavilion (at the Campus Green, SMU). There’ll be readings, signings, all the good stuff.

I’m quite proud of this little book. Plenty of good stories in there, lots of lovely local flavour. Quite a number of young and first-time writers too, which puts a big smile on my face whenever I think about it. The venue has quite a bit of space so we’re hoping to see you guys there!

From the book blurb:

Kong jiao wei, Hokkien, means “speaking bird language”. It is a cock-and-bull story, a flight of fancy and, incidentally, the perfect phrase to describe this collection of microfiction with a quintessentially Singaporean flavour. The reader steps into a technological dystopia one moment and wakes up a crow in the next story, all within the space of a hundred words.

Expect a spirit war in underground tunnels, genetically-modified babies and a Singapore overrun by anti-government spies in this short stories. Be entertained by a motley gang of characters both strange and the deranged, uber-rational and supernatural, feathered or plucked in The Ayam Curtain.


P.S. Yes I know the cover should say “Edited By…” instead of “By”. Our publisher made an error when they sent the proofs to the printers and it’s too late to change that now, unfortunately. We’ve been assured that, should the book go to a second run, it will be corrected, though.

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