Join us for an afternoon of RANDOM SHIT

Join us for an afternoon of RANDOM SHIT

random shit

I live!

I return, ignominiously, to the world of blogging to announce, quite belatedly, that as a part of The Arts House’s 9th anniversary celebration, a group of writer friends and I are hosting an event this Saturday and we would like you all to come.

The short of it:


Date: 23 Mar 2013, Saturday

Time: 2pm-3pm

Venue: Earshot Cafe, The Arts House


 And a longer version:

What’s going to happen? It’s a one hour write-in where you get to invent stories about Random Shit. See that picture up there? That’s a selection of some of the Random Shit you might get.

You turn up, you draw a number, you get an item of Random Shit. You then sit down and write about said piece of Random Shit for the next hour. It can be anything: a poem, a Wikipedia entry about its history (entirely made up of course), a story in which it plays a crucial role. Make it fun, make it fantastic, make it a serious, sobworthy tragedy: It’s all up to you. Write about spacemen. Write about vampires. Write about dinosaurs. (Hell, some of the Random Shit IS dinosaurs.)

When the hour is up, we collect all the stories. Then we put them together into a chapbook and share it with the world.

So come along, meet other writers, indulge in a hour’s worth of delightful weirdness. Looking forward to seeing you guys there!

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