Kickstart something great! (A signal-boosty post)

Kickstart something great! (A signal-boosty post)

me at the reading
Me (on the right) and my friend Joey, whom I hadn’t seen in a while, catching up at the Body Boundaries reading last weekend. Photo c/o Gwen Kwan, via Etiquette SG’s Facebook page

A couple of brief signal-boosty updates before I have to run to work! No, this isn’t the specfic tea party post. Not yet.


Etiquette are registering as a non-profit arts group dedicated to showcasing creative and critical work by  women artists. To do so, they need to raise money. Run by two amazing women, they’ve done a number of wonderful art projects in the past: Photography, written word, theatre… I’m involved with one of their projects: I have a story in their anthology Body Boundaries, which is coming out in July. There was a reading last weekend, a preview of sorts, which is where the above photo of me comes from. Anyway, they need to raise S$10,000, and I encourage everyone to contribute if they can. It’s a good cause, there’s a great community built up around it, and the art scene in Singapore could do with more woman-centric spaces, particularly those that explore women’s issues critically. Indiegogo page here! 46 days to go!

**Fun fact: I submitted two stories to Body Boundaries and the editors like both, so I asked them to take the one that was more personal, as I thought I could place the other story in other markets. The other piece ended up being the bulk of my submission to Clarion West… But I haven’t actually submitted it elsewhere because it needs a fair bit of editing and I haven’t gotten around to doing it. Argh!


Crossed Genre’s Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction From the Margins of History

4 days to go! An anthology to collect stories of people whose voices are not often heard. It’s already met its base goal, hit two stretch goals (for a bigger anthology with more stories!) and is now pushing towards a US$30,000 goal so that each of the stories featured can get a B & W illustration. The anthology sounds like an amazing idea and the folks at Crossed Genres have been doing some fantastic work in representing diversity in genre fiction, so I’m always all out for their projects.

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