Speculative Fiction Tea-Party!

Speculative Fiction Tea-Party!

A bunch of months ago, The Arts House put out an open call for literary events they wanted to host as part of their 9th anniversary celebrations. A bunch of us spec-fic-writing-types here – Joyce Chng, Dave Chua, Alvin Pang and I – decided to do something. So we came up with the idea of doing a speculative fiction write-in. With randomly assigned items used as prompts. We called ourselves The {؟} Collective** and booked ourselves a slot.

So that’s how we found ourselves at the Earshot Cafe at 2pm last Saturday, hauling a bagful of Random Shit I’d collected from friends over a couple of weeks. When I say Random Shit, I mean Random Shit, because there were dinosaurs and a squeaky plastic chicken and a discarded cellphone from the 90s and pages torn from French novels and a menu from a family restaurant and a pair of blue latex gloves. And a harmonica. And a jumbo pack of playing cards.

We handed them out (by lottery) and let the writers get to it. About 20 people showed up, which pleased me — we hadn’t publicised the event very well and I had actually expected only us chickens to be there. It was good fun — more photos after the jump!


We had such a good time, we think we want to do it again – make it a regular thing. Maybe next time we’ll set a word limit (1 hour! 150 words!). Or we’ll ask people to bring their own Random Shit and do an exchange. RANDOM SHIT POTLUCK. Why not?

See the full set of photos on Flickr


** Someone asked me, “How do you pronounce The {؟} Collective?” I said, “You pronounce it by tilting your head to one side and making your best puzzled expression.”

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