A Tale Of One Cat. And Two Boxes.

A Tale Of One Cat. And Two Boxes.

Okay, we’ve all seen that nifty thing where Lego sent free stuff to a kid or Samsung sent a man a free customised phone with a dinosaur on it.

I never thought something like that would happen to a friend of mine, but it totally did. Call it Sarah-Luck.

See, my friend Sarah Coldheart, she has a cat named Dawn. Like all cats, Dawn likes perching on things. Previously, it used to be the cable box from Starhub, one of the two cable providers in Singapore.

Then her family’s contract expired and they recontracted with SingTel, the other cable provider. Their set-top box turned out to be a lot smaller. Which meant that the new cat-to-cable-box ratio was, shall we say, less than ideal.

Sarah made a macro to illustrate this.


As with all things containing a cat, it made the rounds of Twitter, and SingTel’s social media folks. According to Sarah, they then contacted her on Twitter to ask her address so that they could send her “a surprise”.

Fast forward to a few weeks later. Surprise arrives. I’ll just let the pictures do the talking, here:

more dawn

I’ve got to say, I might complain about SingTel’s service or their customer service every now and then, but they did good on this one. This is the kind of social engagement, that gives the sort of publicity, that you can never buy with ad money. Because it needs as much heart as it does head to come up with something like this.

After all, there’s a happy cat at the end of the affair. What’s not to like?

happy dawn

(Thanks to Sarah for allowing me to use her photos!)

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