Award Eligibility Post, 2014

Award Eligibility Post, 2014

Right. I have been encouraged to make one of these, so here we are. My award-eligible stories from 2014.

I didn’t publish that much last year. Mostly I had three stories out in the places that people know–my first pro sales and I’m very glad of them. Some people have said very nice things about them too, for which I’m grateful. Yay, my little babies  have found places in people’s hearts!

All three of my works published this year have been sci-fi, and are eligible for the Hugo, the Nebula, and — as was  just brought to my attention today– the BSFA.

I am also eligible for the John Campbell Award For Best New Writer. It’s the first year I’m running. **

Storytelling For The Night Clerk at Strange Horizons — My first pro sale! My baby. It was favourably reviewed by Lois Tilton, and later made her list of favourite stories in 2014. It also made Nina Allan’s list of recommended 2014 fiction.

Harvestfruit at Crossed Genres — My first flash sale, to CG’s special flash issue. I know flash is a hard sell at awards time, but I listed it here for completeness of portfolio (since, Campbell, etc)

Patterns Of A Murmuration, In Billions Of Data Points at Clarkesworld — aka, “Why the hell couldn’t I have picked a shorter title?” Seriously though, if I had to pick this is probably my favourite story that I’ve sold this year (and thus far). Lois Tilton also liked this one, and it also made her favourite stories list. It was tipped as noteworthy on Fantastic Stories of the Imagination and the Verge, and also made Usman Malik’s and Nin Harris‘ 2014 best-of lists.

Seriously, everyone– thank you for your consideration, thank you for reading, and thank you for your support.

**I don’t feel I’ve read enough in 2014 to come up with a good best-of round-up list, but my picks for Campbell award nominees? Usman Malik, Alyssa Wong, Natalia Theodoridou, Rachael K. Jones, Carmen Maria Machado. Every story of theirs I’ve read has blown me away. Highly recommended.

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