Campbell Eligibility Post 2015!

Campbell Eligibility Post 2015!

Hello friends!

As you may be aware, I am eligible for the John Campbell Award For Best New Writer this year. Since the Hugo + Campbell noms are coming to a close (ends March 10 2015 at 11.59 PST!), I thought I’d put up a post to remind folk about the stuff I had out last year.

Storytelling For The Night Clerk (Strange Horizons) – My first pro sale! A story about cyborgs and which narratives get to be told. This story was recommended by Lois Tilton in her review, and placed fourth in Strange Horizon’s reader poll for their best stories of 2014.

Patterns Of A Murmuration, In Billions Of Data Points (Clarkesworld) – A sordid tale of loss, revenge and omniscient AIs, Another recommendation by Lois Tilton, and it tied for third in the reader poll for best Clarkesworld 2014 story. (Considering how strong the CW slate  is, not something to sneeze at!)

Harvestfruit (Crossed Genres) – A fun little flash piece, and by “fun” I obviously mean “full of war and death and loss and patricide”.


if you’d like to do a bit more reading to get a general sense of what I write and also because I’m too lazy to do a separate update, my story Tiger Baby, which I wrote in 2013 for a Singaporean anthology of cat stories, was recently reprinted in Lackingtons‘. It’s not eligible for any of the awards either way, but I’m quite proud of this one! Amal El-Mohtar did a lovely review of the story for her Rich And Strange column on  (SPOILERSSS) <3

Yes, J, but who are you nominating for the Campbell Award?

I’m glad you asked!!! I am constantly delighted by the amount of talent my fellow emerging writers possess. My recommendations for the Campbell are: Usman T. Malik, Alyssa Wong, Sam J. Miller, Carmen Maria Macchado and Natalia TheodoridouEvery story of theirs I’ve read  has punched me in the gut. They write such beautifully emotional stories and are all worthy candidates for the award.

Thank you for your  consideration!

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