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Day: July 24, 2016

Uncanny Year 3 Kickstarter!

Uncanny Year 3 Kickstarter!

A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to have a story published in the very excellent Uncanny Magazine, in an issue that boasted an otherwise intimidatingly stellar lineup. Somewhere after that, M Sereno and I had an hour-long conversation with Uncanny’s podcast interviewer, Deborah Stanish. We talked about our stories in the issue (Mia had a poem in the very same issue), and what it’s like being a queer, non-white, non-Western woman writing SFF.

As part of the Uncanny Year 3 Kickstarter, that joint interview has now been released as a special episode after the campaign hit 250 backers! So you can listen to it in all its glory.


As I’ve previously written about, 2015 was a tough year for me writing-wise, and in the fight between crushing self-doubt and feeling hopeless about the state of SFF, I nearly quit writing (this despite being enrolled in a creative writing MA. I was convinced I’d never complete another short story, much less sell one).

Throughout this the Thomases were amazing in their encouragement of their writing. I’d sent Uncanny a story for their open subs period in 2015, for which I got an rewrite request, which never materialised due to aforementioned struggle with writing. Despite this they still encouraged me to send them something for their 2016 open subs period. That something turned out to be The Blood That Pulses In The Veins Of One, and the rest is history.

Having support from editors as fantastic as the Thomases was deeply crucial on my journey to recovering my writing groove. I was so discouraged, I was thinking, “Nobody cares about the kinds of stories you write, nobody will read you or remember you, nobody will consider some rando from Singapore as a proper SFF writer ever”, and there they were, telling me that they did. That they noticed, that they remembered, that they cared. And it wasn’t just about me– Uncanny publishes such a wonderful, diverse slate of authors, and I am so very glad for that.

This is why I’ve offered a bunch of rewards to go with the Year 3 kickstarter– I’m offering an hourlong Google hangout/Skype session where you can pick my brain about anything (anything!), and 3 short story crits (up to 12,000 words each). Heck, I think the magazine subscription itself is its own reward, but the fact that so many people (dozens!!) chipped in to offer additional backer rewards speaks to the wonderful community that Uncanny has built up in just two years.

If you can afford it, go get one of the awesome higher-tier backer rewards. Or just pick up a year’s subscription. It’s totally worth it, I assure you.