UPDATES, June 2015 edition!

UPDATES, June 2015 edition!

Over the last month or so I made a couple of sales and a bunch more things came out. I thought to myself, time to make a blogpost with updates!

And then it turns out I haven’t made an update post since October last year so this one turned into a giant. textwall.

An announcement first, though. I’ve recently started as first reader for Strange Horizons, which has been excellent so far. The only downside is that I now have to read so much slush each day, it’s putting a serious dent into my ability to keep up with the vast array of published fiction each month. Regrettably, this means that I’ll no longer be doing my Fiction Nuggets round-ups, so if I’m quiet on that front, this is why.

Right then, on to the textwall…


Apparently, one of the side effects of selling stories is that at some point, these stories will be released into the wild. I really thought I only had a couple to link, but since I haven’t done an update post in eight months there are a bunch more to link than expected.

As a chronically lazy person I’m just going to drop links to the ones which came out earlier this year.  Cold Hands and the Smell of Salt in DSF, Tiger Baby (a reprint) in Lackington’s.  Then there’s A Sister’s Weight In Stone,  my week 2 Clarion West story, which came out in the May issue of Apex. (It’s an alternate steampunky (ish???) Singapore with dragons and Samsui women!)

Red Is The Colour Of Mother Dirt, one of my Clarion West application stories, was included in the Athena’s Daughters 2 anthology after the Kickstarter campaign hit its stretch goals. The book is out now, and you can buy either an e-book or print copy here! The story centers around Sal, a woman who runs up against her Martian colony’s draconian laws when she tries to sneak into a hospital to visit her dying sister while on her period. Yes, I wrote a story about menstruation. Course I did.

I have a story in the inaugural issue of Bahamut Journal, which you can purchase right here.  It’s a great issue, with content from the like of Lauren Beukes, Nisi Shawl, Rose Lemberg, Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, etc etc etc. (Seriously, it’s a fantastic TOC, go check it out). My story is titled (deep breath) Re: (For CEO’s Approval) Text for 10th anniversary exhibition for Operation Springclean and it comes in the form of an email reply to another email and may or may not be informed by my brief life as a civil servant. And also the rat invasion of Singapore.

And then there’s Letter From An Artist To A Thousand Future Versions Of Her Wife, my flash story in Lightspeed’s Queers Destroy Science Fiction! special issue. It is a massive issue, with an incredible amount of incredible fiction, and my story is one of the ebook/print-only exclusives. So you’ll have to purchase if you want to read it. But do it anyway, because it’s a whole lot of amazing SF by QUILTBAG folks for a few dollars. It’ll also annoy annoying people!

I might have to do a separate post for the QDSF! story. I feel I should!


In the time that’s gone by, I’ve also sold a bunch of things; some of the things I’ve sold have actually been published because I am just that slow at updates.  A quick list of the pending ones, then:

  • A House Of Anxious Spiders will appear in the August issue of The Dark. It’s set in a world where, instead of arguing, spiders come out of your mouth and fight instead.
  • Song Of The Krakenmaid will appear in the Fall issue (around Oct/Nov) of Lackington’s. I basically sold them tentacle porn. This is my second story with them, and the first original, and I’m super-pleased about it.
  • Secondhand Bodies, about intersections of class, race and body policing in Singapore, will appear in a future issue of Lightspeed! I’ve wanted to sell something to them for years, and all of a sudden they bought two stories from me. It was a bit of a trip.
  • Temporary Saints, a flash piece which killed in Codex’s Weekend Warrior contest, has been acquired by Fireside. It’s centered on a mortician living in a town where kids get strange powers before dying. Cheerful!
  • Ya-Ya Papaya, one of the earliest stories that I had published (in 2011, by a local zine), will appear on Pornokitsch as a reprint at some point. I’m excited!
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